Malscan, the Linux web server malware scanner

Malscan is designed from the ground up to do one thing: detect and quarantine malware on Linux-based web servers. Built on top of ClamAV, Malscan provides a wealth of features tailored specifically to keep web servers secure and malware-free. Version:  Features Malscan includes a number of scanning methods, both from ClamAV as well as custom-built: Signature-based detection mode for full-file and… Read more →

EveAdmin – Roadmap and Revisions

EveAdmin EveAdmin is my pet project. Started more than two years ago, it is slowly evolving into something that I am genuinely happy with. This past month I have pushed a genuinely massive amount of code to GitHub: 24 commits in April and almost 100 commits since March 1st. As part of this development process I am refocusing on what… Read more →